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The guiding light for gamers lost in the sea of online games and the author of Fate Online.

Hey guys, I'm Lighthouse, a gamer and author from Canada who loves helping others in games. I've been a gamer for almost two decades and I started reading LitRPG's just over half a decade ago.

Whenever I read LitRPG's though, I was always annoyed that the authors would throw in stuff irl for the characters that didn't matter ingame in order to increase the tension. Killers looking for the MCs family, AI that want to kill everyone, VR machines controlling people's brains. Stuff like that.

I always wanted to read a story that didn't have any of that, where the characters focused on the game or game elements and just had a great adventure with each other. Being unable to find one, I decided to write my own ^.^

Why the Patreon?
I'm making this patreon as I'd love to be able to create more chapters and also increase the quality of the writing. With your direct support I can afford to increase my time spent writing and editing the novel so that you guys can get more chapters.

What Does your Money Help Fund?
Your money will be used for a number of things (Paying the bills mostly, but also commissioning stuff like cover art) which directly helps me to write more. Every dollar you donate directly increases the quality of the novel overall.

When do I release chapters?
I guarantee a minimum of three thousand words a week. If I can get enough support I'll put out more chapters but for now my attention is split across a few works.

When do I release content?
I guarantee at least one chapter a week. The time varies but it's usually on either Friday or Saturday, as well as the occasional release on Wednesday. The timing of the release is currently a little staggered, but bear with me!

Does your support matter?
Yes! Every little bit helps to further improve both my own quality of life and the quality of the novel. Even as little as $1 a month helps buy me bread and pate (The fuel I use for latenight writing) and it makes me happy to know that you guys appreciate my content enough to support me :)

Anything else?
Nope. Just thanks for being awesome followers of the novel as always guys. Have a good one.
16% complete
More chapters. Once we reach this tier I can increase chapters per week.
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