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About The Geek Lyfe

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We are the Geek Lyfe, a group of geeks who are incredibly passionate about our interests. We find news, write out our opinions, give lists of geeky facts, interview our favorite cosplayers, authors, artists etc. Our main goal is to provide entertaining content that includes our fan base as a whole and equally represents all of us geeks from Anime lovers to D&D players, we’re going to have something you’ll be interested in!

We try to do our best in helping foster a great community and to do that we constantly reach out to fellow geeks with projects and try to cover them and promote them to help spread the word. 

Your Patreon is there to help us build a team that can strengthen the bond and stability in the indie geek scene! It helps us fund our day to day work. Together, we hope to grow and create more content for you to enjoy!

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