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Who is The Geeky Panda?
I'm a Content Creator, both a YouTube Gamer and a Twitch Streamer. I grew up as a Military Brat and enjoying all things geeky. I've been a Youtuber for 12+ years now with previous channels I started including infamous "PS3 Gaming Blog." I also worked in the Gaming Industry as a Q/A Tester for variety of AAA Titles and Gaming Journalist to Editor in Chief for Gaming Media-based websites. I run a Youtube Channel "The Geeky Panda" centered around Gaming and Anime/Convention based content. I also stream weekly on TwitchTV as "GeekyPanda404" with Military Simulation and Tactical Games in mind.

YouTube Channel - The Geeky Panda
TwitchTV - GeekyPanda404
Website - The Geeky Panda

Why Patreon?
I want to help make my Youtube/TwitchTV Channels self-sufficient. Any and all revenue that is made goes back into the channels to help make the content bigger/better. Patreon is a great way to help support making/streaming content on both platforms.

Perks and Campaign Goals
I have set and updated campaign goals and perks for Patreon Tier members as well. These goals will help achieve needed equipment, upgrades, and accessories to help make the channel better. And the perks are a way to help give back to those who support the channel. My main goal is to go full time as a Content Creator making content for people to watch and enjoy.

The Future
My ENDGAME Goal is to become a full time Content Creator, but for now is to make great content for people to watch and enjoy. Any and all revenue and donations will go straight back into the channel to help improve that. The road is long and hard but with hard work, determination, and maybe alittle luck, great things can happen. And for those who helped support me along the way, thank you so much for your support.

"Stay Geeky My Friends"

$4 of $20 per month
This Goal will help keep my Website up and running, I plan on making more Text-Based content including VLOGs, Articles, Reviews/Previews, and more.
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