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Hello traveller! 
My name is  Abayomi Louard-Moore and I'm your local hermit illustrator with a passion for plants, swords, monsters, skulls, handmade ceramics and distressed wood. I'm working on making my passion projects, and I'm here to share my work and processes with you!

I'm from Maryland and I graduated from the University of the Arts in 2015 with my BFA in illustration. Now, I live and work in Philadelphia, PA. I work part-time in an office and when I'm not there, I do my creative work. I love all things dark, mysterious, woodsy, witchy, magical, and I love to explore the strange and esoteric. I'm a huge fan of both the sci-fi and fantasy genres and I love comics, cartoons, anime, and video games. I love autumn and the sound of crunching leaves restores my health bar to 100%.

What am I Working Towards?
I'd like to work full-time as a freelance artist creating comics, editorial illustrations, prints, patches, pins, and zines. I want to share information about my work from running an online shop to print making, drawing, inking, and a plethora of other tutorials. My intent is to share every part of my creative work with you in exchange for your generous support. Your pledges will enable me to spend less time working for someone else, and more time creating content that I hope sparks inspiration, motivation, joy, and nostalgia for others. As I'm able to support myself more and more through creative work I'll be able to experience more places, people, and things that I can inform my work with, and make content that you can enjoy. Your support will allow me to have the energy, mental space, and resources I need to create bigger and better projects for you!

Some of my long-term projects that I want to create include but are not limited to-

Dungeon Crawler - During inktober of 2017 I made a character design everyday along with a blurb about them. Gill was the character I drew for day 12 and then during inktober of 2018 I made a panel-a-day comic about him. I'd like to create a 25 - 50 page comic about Gill's story.

YouTube - I want to make videos about my creative work to share and with you all!

$0 of $800 per month
Being able to stop working my day-job and be completely freelance would open up so many more possibilities for the size and scope of my projects. I'll be able to create much, much more work to share with you.
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