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Magical Fantastical
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 By pledging to this project you` ll be helping bring Lizzie to life. 

Lizzie is an orphan who finds love and happiness when she has to move home. An overgrown, derelict garden is not what is seems and makes her see the world in a completely different way. 

This project is aimed at six to eight year old children and the many issues they have to face or lie in wait. Each time the goal is reached, I` ll be able to write and publish a book.

 The books will inspire creativity, imagination and open a child`  s mind to the joys of reading and finding happiness. 

The Gingerlicious Show
per month
Pledge $1 per month and you` ll be able to listen to a brilliant, two hour podcast featuring interviews from some of the best authors and poets based in the UK (and sometimes further afield). Great music, chat and banter will fill in the gaps. 

Regular features will include ` Books `` n`  Beats`  and ` Instrumental Inspirations` . If the goals are met for a continuous six months, this will create a part - time position at The Gingerlicious Studio. 

And if we can escape the studio and avoid the authorities, we could bring you a live broadcast from anywhere! 

Keep pledging and the shows will keep coming.

 Some of the money pledged will go towards the improvement of the studio, artists and creating jobs where possible.

The Betty Book Series
per month
Her name is Betty, our beautiful dog. 

She` s brought us so much joy and happiness over the years and now I want to encourage children to make that magical bond between humans and animals through a series of books. 

By pledging each month, you` ll be helping young people develop a love of reading, animals and friendships. I want to inspire young people to imagine, create and have a positive outlook on life. 

Every time the goal is reached, I` ll be able to write and publish a book. This project is aimed at early readers.




per month

About The Gingerlicious Company

Hello there and thanks for visiting The Gingerlicious Company. I` m David Driver, author, poet, broadcaster  and founder of the company which is based in Yorkshire, England. 
You can take a look at some of my work here;

You have to follow your dreams and your dreams need to be big. So I` ve given myself a few big wishes (or deadly sins!) and I need you to help me with those wishes. So please take the time to have a look at my page and make a monthly pledge. 

I` m just going to go with the flow and see what happens. You never know how many dreams will come true and I hope I can bring you a little happiness and laughter along the way. We might even create a few jobs. Who knows?

My goals are divided in to two.

1. Become a full time author and broadcaster.
2. Promote other authors and poets,both novice and seasoned. 

So let me tell you a little bit more about The Gingerlicious Company.

The first aim of The Gingerlicious Company, through Patreon, is to bring you a regular broadcast, `The Gingerlicious Show`. This brilliant podcast will feature regular interviews with authors and poets based all over the UK (and sometimes further afield). Lively chat and banter will fill in the gaps between the music. A regular feature will be `Books`n` Beats`, where artists will share the music and books which have influenced them and I can`t wait to bring you `Instrumental Inspirations`. If we can escape The Gingerlicious Studio, we could bring you a live broadcast from anywhere!

The second aim is to start  two writing journeys, which will inspire youngsters to read and also bring them a little magic, fun and happiness.

The Betty Series: Our beautiful dog, Betty, has been in our lives for four years now. I would like to share part of her with you and all the children out there with a series of adventures. The aim is to love reading, life, families and make the connection between humans and animals. These books will be aimed a early/young readers.

Magical Fantastical: The story of Lizzie, an orphan girl, who discovers that there is love and kindness in the world when she has to move house. Feeling lonely and unwanted, she discovers that all is not what is seems is an over grown, derelict garden. Again, the aim is to inspire, imagine and create through a love of  reading and storytelling. The books will be aimed at readers aged 6 to 8 years of age.

The Gingerlicious Company also works with schools, colleges and libraries across the UK and is  seeking funding from The Arts Council of England to pursue other creative projects.

I will also continue as an individual artist and express my work through novels, short stories and poetry.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Wishing you all the best, 


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Betty Dog Series

She` s been in our lives for the past four years, goes by the name of Betty and is of course a dog. Magic, joy and happiness are the words to describe her. I want to bring these feelings to other people and families through a series of books aimed at early readers. The books will encourage young children to love reading and storytelling. I also want to encourage children to make the connection between humans and animals.
If this goal is met I will be able to write and publish the first book. The books will keep coming  if the goal is met each month.
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