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Thank you for checking out The Grizzled Geek! If you are already fans, we appreciate your love and support, if you are new to The Grizzled Geek, here is a little about us.

The Grizzled Geek is a site, YouTube channel (and Podcast) about Geek Culture from the perspective of first generation geeks (those who were there when Star Wars debuted and the first Star Trek convention took place). We will discuss our takes on movies, comics, toys, and all things geek culture related.

You can check out our YouTube channel here:

We've come to Patreon to give our friends, family, and fans an avenue to support our efforts as we continue to grow our channel. We are looking to up our production values, increase our content, and really pour our hearts and souls into this endeavor, but we need your help!
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When we reach $250 per month, we will be upgrading our cameras.

In addition, we will up our movie reviews to all Geek-relevant releases, not just the big blockbusters.
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