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You'll get a huge THANK YOU and air hi-five! Let's face it, without your support, I would not be able to do what I do. What I'm trying to say is that I will forever remember you, and I'm super grateful for your donation. Thank You!

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For the price of a cup of coffee (well at least in San Francisco), you've generously donated to my cause -  thank you!. When I interview experts, I'm going to be filming the interview and broadcasting it via Facebook live. You'll get behind the scenes info that will only be shared on the Facebook live video and will not be uploaded to the podcast. For example, if I interview someone who's an expert in mobility and flexibility, I might have them take me through one of their daily mobility routines, that will only be uploaded on Facebook live. Essentially, you're getting behind the scenes access with me and my guest before the actual podcast interview, and I'm sure some of their best kept hacks and secrets will be revealed. This is going to be a great tier, and really fun! 




I've launched the "Hacked Life Podcast" at the end of 2018. It's always been a goal of mine to interview the top influencers in health/fitness/wellness/biohacking so that you can learn and become better. I've suffered so many illnesses and injuries over the years and watched many others suffer, and it bothered me that I couldn't do anything about it. By reaching out to people that know more than me, I've found a way to not only make myself better, but also give back to YOU, the listener.

My goal is to produce shows (at least three times a week) that provide you with new knowledge surrounding health, fitness, and overall wellness. On top of that, I plan on interviewing experts that know more ab out a certain topic than me. Producing this show allows me to speak with doctors, psychologists, biohackers, natural health practitioners, Army Special Forces members and other fascinating people on a regular basis. And the beauty of a podcast is that others can listen to these conversations whenever and wherever they want.

As a father of two children, and the sole provider of my family, it's difficult to make ends meat without me working overtime, when I'd much rather devote time and energy to this show, because I believe this will have much more impact on others lives. But in order to do this, the podcast must become a reliable source of income. Now, you can sponsor the show directly through Patreon.

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I need to reach this goal, so I can stop working the massive amounts of overtime I work to help provide for my family. If I hit this goal, I can fully concentrate on the podcast, more video creation, and the live webinars.
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