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About G. R. Hunt

A mysterious wanderer awakens in the the middle of the Lacuna Desert, unable to remember who he is or where he came from with no clues besides a strange necklace he's never seen before, but one thing is certain— he's no longer what he used to be. He's no longer human.

"Well damn, this is a pain."

Adventure. Mystery. Suspense. Romance. A very colorful array of characters. 

The Hanged Man will be the first in a series of fantasy novels set in Esoterra— a world where the Old Gods have become naught but legend, mere stories for children and religious fanatics. A world where nothing is as it seems, overflowing with mystery and secrets.

Currently, The Hanged Man is in the process of being written, and because authors don't receive any type of funding until after their novel has been published, it's hard for one to support themselves while writing their first book, especially if it is their main aspiration.

By supporting my novel, you'll be bringing about a whole new world unlike anything you've ever seen before. The story is intricate and engaging with characters that will become fast favorites.

I invite you to come along this journey of publication with me, and to explore the enigmatic world of Esoterra while doing so through colorful graphics and short excerpts of the novel itself. This novel will be like nothing you've ever read— I can guarantee it.

Thank you very much for your consideration and support. Every bit means more to a budding author than you can imagine.

Yours faithfully,

G. R. Hunt

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