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About The Happy Hearthstone

Welcome to the longest running Hearthstone podcast in the history of space and time and cards!

We are the number one Hearthstone podcast made by fans and for fans. With myself as the only main host, members of our community come on to cohost each episode. Which means a ton of variety and fun as we talk about wacky decks, deep strategy, and... well, anything the cohost wants to talk about!

We're here on Patreon to not only give fans more access and options for how to grow the show but also to allow you a direct way to support and make the show better. With every dollar you pledge, you're first covering costs that it already takes for me to create the show in its current form. But after that, it gets really exciting. :) You'll then be creating more margin for me to expand and grow the show, and that means more guests, more content, and more fun for all of us. I'm really excited about some of these goals and hope they make supporting the show even better for you!
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The Inner Fire will get TWO monthly deep dives instead of just one. Double the content means double the rank. It's science. Trust me.
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