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About David Hill

I'm studying a Master of Applied Positive Psychology at University. My ultimate aim is to spread the world's happiness so everyone can enjoy. I believe that the knowledge around happiness should be free, but ideally, I also want to fund my research and education. I am constantly amazed by the simple, evidence-based interventions that can turn a normal life, into the "good life". Follow me on my blog thehappy.space or YouTube for 2 minutes of happiness.
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My goal is to spread the world's happiness. I believe that learning about how to be happy must be free. I want everyone to enjoy the knowledge that I am collecting and be able to aspire to their own level of happiness.

In this world, getting that message in a meaningful and fulfilling way incurs costs. An unfortunate side effect of the knowledge economy.

So I help. Your help.

If you have come this far, you may have disposable income and interest in helping me achieve this goal. If you do, then that is truly great. If not, please don't donate! The last thing I want is someone without disposable income donating to this cause, as your happiness will be short lived when you can't pay your bills.

When my final research is completed, I intend to take it to the world giving seminars, speeches and consultations on how to be happy. I want to help people who want my help. Some tours will be corporate and self-funded, others will be free and designed to help those that need it the most.

My goal is to gain enough funding from Patreon to support building my website to host as much free, quality information about happiness as possible and to fund me to go on speaking tours around the world. 

Your help will be grately appreciated. 

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