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About The Harbor - A Community for Emerging Writers

The Harbor is a community, creative space created by writers and for writers. Too often, we find that writers walk a lonely path to breaking into what we term the "writing world." We hope to bridge writers together and promote inclusivity and accessibility through programs such as a monthly Peer Editing Service, a Guest Lecture Series, a discussion group on Facebook and more. Furthermore, we want to emphasize a personal enjoyment of writing as the pinnacle of accomplishment. While we recognize that publishing or prizes can serve as potentially important hallmarks in a writer's career, we feel that such accolades should never be the endgame for any writer. We hope this space can be one where emerging writers can meet one another, discuss important topics permeating the literary space today and grow as writers & more away from the pressures of anything more than art for art's sake.

Why the Patreon page? While we offer these services free of charge to any who sign up, we do hope to offer our Lecturers and Staff Members a small stipend for their labor. Any and all donations will go towards paying our guests & staff for their help in overseeing this project and making sure it runs as smoothly as possible. It will also allow us to invest in equipment that can help facilitate more group cohesion, such as bigger video conferences (Zoom), forums (Website Toolbox) and more.

How much should I give? Again, we accept donations of any and all amounts! But we recommend a donation amount of $10-15 per month.

What do I get out of this space? Well, I'm glad you asked! See below for the various programs we have to offer you so far. 
The Harbor's 
Facebook Community | Run by Erin O'Malley | The core of this space will consist of the Facebook community we build together. While posts will be moderator-approval only, we will start specific threads where members can participate in each comment thread, creating a forum-like space for sharing information. This will also include weekly reading prompts, favorite poems of the week, etc.
The Harbor's Peer Editing Services | Run by Aidan Forster | On the first of every month, we will pair our members up with a brand new peer for 1-on-1 editing. We want to switch up pairs every month in order to encourage our members to meet each other, work with each other and grow as writers together. Of course, members will be free to stick with whoever they're paired up with right off the bat; however, we hope that members will take this chance to interact with dozens of writers in a more personal & intimate setting. We will also monitor groups to make sure that peers are compatible, and we will offer a 24/7 support system in case anything should arise in a pairing that needs to be addressed (safety first & always).
The Harbor's Guest Lecture Series | Run by Hiwot Adilow & Tyler Tsay | On the first and third Thursday of each month, we will offer a Livestream mini-lecture series for our members. These will involve a short, prepared lecture and a Q&A session for both prepared questions and questions submitted live during the stream. Hiwot Adilow will lead one lecture a month, and a surprise guest lecturer (announced the Monday before) will lead the other lecture. Guest lecturers on the roster include Chen Chen, Jennifer Givhan and others. We hope this program in combination with our other Livestream Series will improve access to formalized literary education for students who do not have the financial means to attend in-person workshops.
The Harbor's TeenLit Livestream Series | Run by Jasmine Cui | On the second and fourth Thursday of each month, Jasmine Cui, Erin O'Malley and a surprise guest will hold a Livestream on the nature of the TeenLit space. Tackling topics such as publishing for young writers, toxicity in TeenLit and more, this series will offer information and shared discussion about important topics for entering the literary space.
The Harbor's Anatomy of a Poem | Run by Jasmine Cui & Erin O'Malley | A series of exercises oriented towards young writers which aim to empower students by giving them the language to describe various poetic devices and expose them to contemporary poetry from a diverse array of backgrounds. These will be posted every month on the Facebook Community page. 
Please note that these programs will be expanded as our members offer feedback for different programs they would like to see as well.

After giving, where/when can I sign up? Right here! Fill out this form, and one of our associates will be in contact very shortly.
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