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About The Hardins

Hey friends! We are so glad you've found us here. It's the beginning of a new chapter for us as we embark on our first instrumental project on our own. Everett and I have played strings on so many wonderful records for friends who became clients and clients who became friends, and Everett has produced several records for the same. Over the past two years, we have slowly become sustained by our audio production business, Red Yeti Audio, but it's not checking all the boxes of what we need. We always preach that musicians have no silver bullets, only silver buckshot; we want to show the world all of the music we've got, in addition to supporting the dreams and music of our clients and friends. 

what we want to do

In order to have time to be creative in our own music and spend time with our amazing daughter, Everly, we need your help to fund the time taken away from our other work. With your cooperation, we can be free to provide creative and unique instrumental music for licensing and download. The most exciting part of this whole arrangement is that the more music we make and release, the more music we will be able to afford to create. All we need is your partnership to get the initial project off the ground.

Composition and recording will be done in the gorgeous mountains of Boone, NC, where we call home. Everly has always and will always be a big part of our inspiration and joy, and having extra time to spend with her is the ultimate goal. 

our resume

Everett entered the music industry as a cellist, and continues to tour and record alongside me (Caroline) on violin and viola. Together we provide the sounds of any string ensemble from a duet to a cinematic string orchestra. Our recording work appears on many of the worship and indie albums produced in the southeast, including but not limited to:

"Borderland" - John Mark McMillan
"The Borderland Sessions" - John Mark McMillan
"Joy to the World" - John Mark McMillan
"Live at the Knight" - John Mark McMillan
"We Won't Die" - Jude Moses
"Wake Up the Wonder" - Elevation Worship
"Aeolian" - Benjamin James
"Penumbra" - Benjamin James
"In My Bones" - Mark and Sarah Tillman
"Promised Land" - John Lucas
"Weep" - J. Andrew Kurzweg
"Brightest Star" - BJ and Lisa Sullivan
"In the Meantime" - KC and Julie Clark
"Garden" - Carolina Peleaz
"Cartography" - Ethan Hardin 
"Restless One" - Chad Lawson

Everett has also toured with John Mark McMillan and Jesus Culture as a performing cellist. He has recently traveled with iTunes number one classical performer, Chad Lawson, as part of a piano trio. I took some time away from touring after the early and tumultuous birth of our two year old, Everly, but continue to play one-off gigs to this day. 

For more info on string recording and full service production, check us out here
$16 of $500 per song

put us on the path to a full length project

$500 will allow us to set aside the time we need to write and record 1-2 songs. These songs will then provide the bedrock for the rest of our debut catalog of instrumental music. The direction for this particular project is modern classical (think Reich, Glass) mixed with indie symphonics. We can't wait to get started! 

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