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Hey there! My name is Sandra Molina Juan, but the internet knows me better as SandraMJ.
I’m a 23-year-old Spanish non-binary retired freelance colorist. I used to be quite successful at my job, working for clients such as Blizzard and DC Comics, but I had to quit after a bad wrist injury that never healed properly in 2017.
I'm switching careers towards Voice Direction, but in the meantime I’m working exclusively developing The Hayseed Knight all on my own!

The Hayseed Knight
is a free, fully voice acted indie visual novel that follows the adventures of Ader, a one eyed deer hustling desperately to fulfill his dream: becoming a knight. On a meta sense, the player is The Narrator, a character hellbent on finding out what truly happened to Ader and his friends, who are little more than legendary characters at this point.

Development for the visual novel started officially in May 2017. As of August 2019, there are two chapters currently available with a third one coming soon! I've been working on this for quite a while now!

Playing as a perpetually embarrassed giant buck is always a plus right? Right?

Well, I'm crazy about this project! I devote every second I have to it, as I'm THK's sole writer, artist, voice director, programmer, audio engineer, Spanish translator—
I do everything on my own.

That lets me work on such a high profile project quite frugally... but I still need A Lot of Money to make this game because I want to pay my voice actors and occasional musicians fairly, even if the game is completely free. But this same pocket that believes in paying everyone else is the one that pays for rent and food and healthcare expenses every month.

Since I'm currently caught between careers while I find more work as a Voice Director, Patreon is the one thing keeping me afloat. If I can't secure enough funds, I'll have to stop making THK altogether after years of hard work.

TL;DR, with your support...
  • I could afford to continue paying the absolutely amazing team of VAs and musician! 
  • Devote myself full time to the VN without worrying about dying!
  • Go to cons to let others know about this project! Share the LOVE! MAKE MERCHANDISE!
  • Hire someone that can actually make that battle minigame work!

So help me help you help everyone's favorite buck make his way from the city slums to the top! A story full of adorable characters, snarky comments, great voice acting, flowery language, and... love?! Nah, more snark.

$515.67 of $1,000 per month
With null chances of starvation and a home to sleep in comfortably, I could afford voice acting a lot more easily, which would in turn lead to the VN having more choices and bigger consequences for them!
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