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You get access to wallpapers of character art and landscapes.

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Access to never before seen concepts for characters and settings. And downloadable wallpapers as well as story hints.

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This can be any art or scenery that would be deemed unfit for kids. LOL This could be nudes, lewds, and violent scenes from panels. 

Plus everything in the 1st two teirs will be available. 




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About The Hero John

Hello my name is John Brady, a.k.a, The Hero John. I am a self taught fantasy artist, writer, and creative streamer on I started several years ago to write a series of short stories to help inspire myself to create new paintings and drawings. In the process I ended up creating a whole world of dynamic characters and over arching plots that span multiple stories. I hope that those of you out there will want to see what these characters and stories are like and will want to help support in their creation. 
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This is to help me out with getting my internet back for more quality streams. And it will also help me to get better tools to create content as well. Like a new drawing tablet.
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