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The Hidden Levels has always been a dream of ours.

The Hidden Levels is a Gaming Community and Family revolving around providing video game entertainment and daily video game content. We’ve helped many people already since we started in August 2015 and plan to continue to do so. Keeping up the amount of content we produce however is not free and very time consuming. Ideally we would love to keep producing content forever but this is not possible without your support and this is why we are opening a Patreon; to add more ways for you to help us be the best we can be.

How much have we produced?

On average per week we produce around 18 videos, 7 web articles and 72 hours of live streamed content. Overall we’ve created over 550 videos, 100 web articles and 2300 hours of livestreamed content. This content has helped a lot of the community already as well as the community helping us in return. We cannot thank you enough as all your love and support help keep us going and creating great content.

We will promise to keep creating content for as long as we can, this goal and target will be more possible of course with your support.
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