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Hitchhiking is so f*%king random. I love it. I've read private love letters from Albert Einstein, played my didgeridoo at a festivals, lived in a eco village and eaten the best fish and chips of my life - all thanks to the world of hitchhiking.

My first hitchhike was in Wales in 2009, a long way from from my Australian comforts. I recall my nerves almost got the better of me. Multiple times cars came speeding over the horizon as I haphazardly raised my quivering thumb, not quite ready to leap into a strangers car. However, I was not left to linger in my fears for too long, within a few minutes a super fancy 4WD came to a sudden halt. I shit my pants with excitement as my potentially newest best friend called me over and asked where I was heading. To my utter surprise he was going exactly where I needed to be.

Since that first hitchhike I haven't stopped. I've traveled various countries and wild roads meeting interesting folks form all walks of like, whom most are eager to take me on their local adventures and introduce me to local delicacies and culture. So why not share my adventures through a Podcast!

What I love about hitchhiking are the things that keep me completely present, time is suspended and distance becomes illusionary. So when I fell in love with Podcasts I was keen to produce a show about my passions which is hitchhiking, traveling and meeting people.
A quick little back story, I worked in mainstream radio for many years producing popular radio shows but I fled that crazy scene to explore the real world at large. That lasted for 10 years. I then tried my hand in the start up world in the Podcast industry but had a lot more fun making Podcasts than building a Podcast start-up. So now that lead me to producing a hitchhiking Podcast whilst on my travels.
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I'm Hitchhiking through Europe from July until October meeting all sorts of random people and telling their stories. 
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