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Hello world!

We are a couple who met in Thailand over 3 years ago now. I was travelling through Bangkok, and met Sai while working as a receptionist in a hotel she worked at. We put together a plan on how we could be together long term, It has been quite the adventure and we are having so much fun a long the way... We are living and travelling all over Thailand together now!

In the beginning, I started making 'home made' style vlogs for my own memories of my travels. Suddenly I had quickly gained views and followers from all over the world who wanted to watch and come along for the ride. Because of the growth of the channel its allowed us to travel to more places and make more videos. We have exciting plans for the future to make the channel even better!

We want to keep making more videos for you and by becoming a Patreon and supporting each episode we make, this will allows us to do so. Travelling is also a very expensive hobby and there's no way we could continue the adventure without help from you guys. Our patrons are like our family. They are a part of something very special and we can't wait to see where it takes us all! We feel very blessed to be surrounded by such a lovely bunch of people. THANK YOU!

Love Adam & Sai.
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