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Firstly, even if you are just having a gander, thank you for stopping by to check us out. We are Davenport Hamilton and D'Arcy Marmont, two friends who long ago sat down to write a book together when we were suffering the slings and arrows of daily life. We did it and "The House at the End of Time" is what came out. Life, again, got in the way, but ten years later we are putting the finishing touches on our work and releasing it in to the world - to be honest, it is a scary thing. It is a novel for the child that lives in all of us; we hope you enjoy what you see here and want more of it.

This is the story of Tabitha , a young girl tossed in to the strange and perilous world of the Amaranthine, the place where time itself is stitched to earth and the improbable becomes fantastically probable. Tabitha is ushered in to this world by her aunts, Zed and Bathory, and a cavalcade of fun, interesting, magical characters follow. There are powers known and powers learned, dangerous journeys, friends, fiends, and even a giant talking catfish.

As we bring this novel to you in a serialized fashion, we are already working on the next. It is a labor of love, and of friendship. The little dream is to find people, like you, who will read our story and care for it as much as we do; the big dream is to do it full time.

Here's to you for supporting all of the many talented people here on Patreon, we hope you feel we deserve to be among them.

Davenport & D'arcy

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