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Since my early years I see myself drawing and I do not remember doing this unrelated to the creation of fantastic universes. This dialogue with the field of imagination soon made me develop deep interest in Role Playing Games and the themes that hover in its orbit. Living in Brazil, access to official publications was always difficult and when we had access, it was as if we were placing our hands on an epic treasure. And indeed it was! Together with great friends, we explored distant lands, dark caves, forbidden islands and many challenges around a kitchen table or on an old rug.

With the responsibilities of adulthood, the desire to unite the more than 25 years playing roleplaying games as a form of self-sustenance has only increased, even if acting professionally in another area.

I studied art at the University of Fine Arts in São Paulo and I graduated in 2005. I worked in renowned Brazilian museums and cultural institutions, handling works of art and producing exhibitions. In 2007 I had the great honor of attending an artist-in-residence program called Imaginary Places, which took place at the Banff Center in Alberta, CA.

After 10 years walking this path, I decided to leave the megalopolis of São Paulo behind and moved to a small fishing village called Icapara, listening to the call of other activities and crafts that I always performed with great love. And here in my head quarter, I work proudly as a kind of one-man-army, developing:

- page-turner novels and short stories based on the main universe where happen some campaigns that I still play.

- maps, drawings and illustrations linked to each worldbuilding.

- board games in collaboration with friends that exposes another whole world with innovative rules.

- blacksmith and forge work, where I produce pieces of cutlery and materialize some real weapons coming from these fantastic universes.

Yet none of these activities enables me to draw enough sustenance for myself to exist. Achieving autonomy in this way is my greatest desire and thanks to tools like Patreon, I believe we can continue to open more portals to these fantastic worlds.

The mission of The Singing Fish Forge is to develop content that helps Dungeon Masters and anyone interested in improving their campaigns to enhance their "vocabulary of the fantastic" into a deeper level. This will be materialized as worldbuilding and homebrew materials.

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