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The Hungry Reader Book Club!
All donors, even if you can't afford to donate much, receive their names in the opening credits and a heartfelt thank you from your Hungry Reader. Every dollar you give is more than I ever expected to make on this, and it means so much to me that you like my silly show enough to spend even a dime on it! The Hungry Reader Book Club includes all Patreon sponsors, and enables you to preview my plans six months in advance and give your input as to what you do or don't want to see.
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Advertising Space!
The Hungry Reader does not feature targeted advertising. However, I'm not at all opposed to advertising, as long as it's on my terms. If you're an entrepreneur, a fellow camera-yeller-atter, or even a frustrated author, the Advertising Space reward is for you: I'll actually interrupt my show halfway through and DO A COMMERCIAL FOR YOU. Yes, really! I'll shill your product for one minute during my next long-form video. I'll write the commercial myself according to your guidelines, submit the script to you for approval, and even send you the finished commercial as a separate video so you can use it elsewhere if you want! (I must reserve the right not to advertise things I don't believe in, though, so no anti-literacy advocacy groups or anything like that here.)
Limited (6 of 6 remaining)
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Required Reading!
If you're reading the $100 level, thank you so much for even considering it. For $100 a month, you get all of the previous rewards in one, plus the ultimate custom episode: you get to put a book in the Hungry Reader's hands. It can be any book you like, from beloved childhood classics to avant-garde Joyceian madness.
If you're an author yourself, I'll even review YOUR book! Romance? Can do! Fanfic? No problem! Corporate intrigue? I'll swallow my pride! Erotica...? Sorry, but, I gotta draw the line somewhere.
  • Your episode comes with a custom advertisement (if desired). Promote your own projects or have me shill your other favorite books! (This is a FREE service for $100-pledgers and is not subject to the highest bidder!)
  • Your episode will also feature your own likeness in a featured role! It can be a caricature or a photograph; your choice.
  • Got a camera? Be my guest star! I'd love to have you speak your own mind about the book you cared enough about to do all this for!
  • Physical souvenirs? Why not! When I return your book to you, look in the envelope for high-quality prints of any artwork I drew for your episode, signed and perfect for framing! 
First come is first served. Please allow me time to become familiar with your book! Release date will be announced within a month of payment.




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Hi everyone, Hungry Reader here! I love children's books and YA novels, so I started this web series in 2013 to share my favorites, both reverently and irreverently. I'm best known for my focus on the original Oz books by L. Frank Baum, but I have lots more to share! 
$2 of $20 per month
Twenty dollars a month goes right back into the show, but adds a new element of interactivity-- it'll pay for a PO box, where anyone can send their books for the Hungry Reader to read and maybe feature on the show! On a big month, there might even be a PO Box Round-Up video!
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