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EZRA - Nappies/Diapers & Wipes.
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This covers Nappies and Wipes for Ezra. 

P.s. He just started potty training, woohoo! Hopefully we won't be needing nappies for too much longer. 😁

per month

Thank God for phones, you can't really get by without them these days. This covers both of us being able to keep our phones on, so we can keep in touch with you guys and each other. 👍🏼

Utilities (Electricity & Gas)
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Electricity and Gas are billed monthly in the USA. This will keep the lights on and the hot water flowing. 🤗



About The Hunter's Adventure

Hello Friend,
We are the Hunters! 

In August of 2018 we packed up our life in Australia into 7 suitcases, sold or gave away the rest and moved to Redding, California, USA for our biggest adventure yet! 

It was a complete life shift for us, my amazing wife Rebekah went from being a full time Mom, to studying full time, and I (Jordy) become a stay at home Dad to our ludicrously cute son, Ezra. 

This wild ride we have embarked on has been one of great challenges, unexpected rewards, personal growth beyond our wildest imaginations and A WHOLE LOT OF ADAPTING, with a whole lot of laughs and tears along the way (more our's than our toddler's)! This is the stuff big, risky dreams are made of!

We have come to that all important place along the road where one realises they can not do it alone, and the help of a friend or stranger makes all the difference!
We need your help.
We have a short amount of time left in the USA and we simply can not do it without you. 

We wanted to find a way we could give back to our supporters and thanks to your feedback we realised our journey was worth sharing. So that is exactly what we are doing; sharing our journey, but also our life. 

Our hope is that our journey will in someway enrich your life!

Your window into our world will look like lifestyle videos (us doing stuff), vlogs (us talking about us doing stuff), cooking and baking videos (us cooking awesome stuff with a toddler; hilarity ensues) and Q&A's (you ask, we tell) - ALL honest, vulnerable, fun, often humorous and most importantly: REAL

We're asking that you would partner with us on this journey, and support us through Patreon.
 This enables us to receive support each month so we can live life and share the journey with you...and you know, actually eat hahaha. All your love and every donation, big or small, is life changing for us so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

This Patreon/YouTube/Sharing our life with the world thing is so new to us and we don't really know where it will lead but we have great hopes that this marks the beginning of us building something new with you!

Thank you for checking in and supporting us!
See you soon! 

Love from, 
Jordy, Bek and Ezra Hunter.

Questions you might have. 

What if I want to give a one-off donation or amount that is not specified in the tiers?
You can absolutely do that, and we would appreciate anything that you want to give! Click on Become A Patron and then go to Make Custom Pledge which is below the listed tiers. 

What if I'm not fussed about the reward tiers?
We're just happy to have you on board, so you can participate in the benefits, or opt out, it's entirely up to you. We just appreciate your love and support. 

Do I have to pay in US dollars? 
Nope! Everything is shown in US dollars on the website, but you may use any currency and it will be automatically converted.

Still have questions?
Feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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Wowie! For us to put our budget out there it seems pretty huge and is a HUGE step of faith. And hey, we believe miracles happen. It took a miracle to get us here, to keep us here this long and we believe a miracle will happen to help us see out the rest of this journey. Know that what you are sowing into is actually so much more than just our expenses... Bethel & BSSM has impacted each one of us in ways that we can't wait to share with you, we are being transformed every day we are here! 

We are listing our grand total for the entire three months so you can track with us and see the progress (and also so you can pray and believe with us for all that we need).

Total until end of May $5896
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