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About The Immortality Process

           Remember this old video of Adam's???

Or almost any way... But first we need some help :)

This is an exciting project for us, and not only Adam's Story will be included in this production. We will also be filming a Music Video of a song written by Anna (I don't think we ever mentioned she's a singer, and plays the piano too!) to go along with his story. 

Here's why we need your help!

This story means a lot to us, and we've got to tell it right! This means we are going to have to film it in a proper studio with professional equipment. And it will take a lot of time to film, edit and finalize the production as well as a lot of money to produce. 

Once the production is completed we will post it publicly to YouTube free for all!

By supporting us on Patreon you will help us to create this important film, and bring his story to light! Your support means so much to us, and we thank you very much!

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When we reach this goal we will finally be able to tell Adam's Story! Woohoo!!! We are so excited! Thank You So Much! 
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