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The Subscriber Package
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One flat rate of $5/month will help us incredibly during this early stage of production. All major content (including demos, b-sides, and early versions of tracks, behind-the-scenes videos, speculative commentary, and sound design resources) will be available to all users of this subscription tier. Cheers!
Co-Creator Package
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Ever wanted to provide input and join in the creative process with your favorite indie artists? Well by joining the Co-Creator Package you'll get access to special bi-weekly live streams where subscribers of the Co-Creator package will be able to provide their input and guide the construction of creative projects from The Infidel Netwerk members. An interesting experiment in cloud based collaboration, and an ultimate thank you to our die hard fans. To make sure everyone involved gets their creative input heard, at the beginning of this startup, we will only have a limit of 10 people able to access this tier. This may change in the future. Cheers!




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About The Infidel Netwerk

We are a network of artists, musicians, and philosophers who seek to create groundbreaking and innovative content without the restrictions and influence of the Corporate world. Many of our members hold anti-establishment or counterculture views, and seek to promote an alternative form of expression. We are looking for assistance to grow independently and without becoming a publically traded company bound to the influence of stockholders and profit-driven schemes.