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Toe-dippers are the cornerstone of any great swimming experience. Without their lovingly tended caution, we would not know the exaltation of the dive. Each toe-dipper will receive a postcard from Zurich (or perhaps somewhere else if I'm feeling inspired) with words from my heart to yours. 


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Waders know the beauty of being betwixt and between. Not fully submerged, but neither fully planted on the earth, they are in the liminal realm, the space between. Waders will receive a recording of a poem - mine or someone else's - intuitively selected from a vast collection. Words can strike us in our softest places and open us to greater depths - this poem will take aim for that part in you, that you may have a moment of truth whenever you forget. 


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Fully safe with feet planted on the ground, and totally immersed in the delight and play of the water, Splashers are committed to the experience of being in and of the water as well as in and of the land. Splashers will receive a hand-drawn mandala, with a brief message about what the symbol evokes for me, and the potential medicine that lies therein. 




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About The Inked Shrink


By trade Mackenzie is a writer, researcher, & 5Rhythms® teacher. By vocation she is a Jungian analyst-in-training & Clinical Psychology doctoral student. By design she is a collection of fractal, holographic cells dancing around some strange attractor for the sake of who knows what to live an insignificant, mythic life reflective of the mysterious vital spark within her. She identifies as a series of memories & unverifiable subjective experiences of self-hood to which she is rather fondly attached. She has a penchant for scholarship, the occult, pedantic erudition, morbid humor, grandiosity, nihilism, & semi-responsible hedonism. Born in the shadow of New Age culture into a fractured family system & the subjective experiencer of (arguably) extreme early childhood trauma, her life’s work is to heal psychic wounds—her’s & other’s—that she & others become strong enough to contend with the unconscious quicksands & transpersonal abysses which lap at the periphery of developing consciousness. She is an emergent property of Being playing at becoming sovereign. She really, really loves butter.

Mackenzie's Education... 

Mackenzie currently resides in Zurich, Switzerland, where she is pursuing advanced training to become a licensed Analytical Psychologist at the International School of Analytical Psychology. She is also working on her PhD at Saybrook University in Oakland, CA where she researches the realm of the unconscious as evidenced in dream states, psychedelic experiences, & spontaneous movement. She holds a Master's degree in Clinical & Counseling Psychology from Columbia University & a Bachelor's degree in Psychology & Spiritual Experience with a minor in Child & Adolescent Psychology from New York University. She is certified in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy by The New School & Center for Optimal Living, 5Rhythms® by The Moving Center NYC, and completed a year-long certification course in Holistic Psychology at The Open Center. She is passionate about psychedelic integration, mythology, human development, emotional intelligence, embodiment, phenomenology, & spiritual emergence/y. 

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