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About Toby 'The Inquisitive J' Jungius

Hi there! I’m Toby, but I also go by The Inquisitive J when I’m writing film reviews, articles, and putting together podcasts which all revolve around narrative analysis. I work hard on my reviews with the intention of putting together full discussions which are fulfilling to write and fun to read. My reviews are a guide to current cinema and classic films, but they’re also documents of my own emotional responses to a range of films which readers can get something out of at any time, whether they stumble across them one day or one year after a film’s release.

If that sounds good to you, if you’d like to see more of that sort of content and be involved in the creative process, then I encourage you to become a patron. You’ll get updates on my upcoming film reviews, can participate in polls which let me know what you’d like to see reviews on first, as well as be the deciding vote on what classic films I write Late to the Party reviews for, and, once we cross the first goal, you’ll have access to a new Patreon-exclusive article every week! These rewards are available to patrons of all levels, which means that you only need to contribute $1 a month to get access to everything I’ve just mentioned.

If you enjoy what I write, and want to see multiple reviews per week, even more coverage on recent releases, more Late to the Party articles and video game reviews, and regular monthly podcasts filled to the brim with content, then this is where you can help me make all of that happen. Contributing even a little bit each month will fuel The Inquisitive J, and let you be part of the process.
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Once we've got a solid base and an established audience, I will put together a new Patreon-exclusive article every week. The subject matter will be as varied as my Off the Cuff sections in my podcasts, but more structured.
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