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About Patrick The PatMan Anderson

I trust and embrace the unknown infinite creative energy of the Divine Universe. However it has been a long and extended journey towards arriving at this point and making such a bold statement. Over four decades ago for when I arrived on the big blue planet, it was as if Id been here before but had forgotten my purpose and destiny.  This created and sparked an inquisitive curiosity for and about all things on GAIA. I observed universal sound and good energy vibrations all around me. I mimicked and adapted quickly to all things creative, scientific and intuitiveness. Within the early stages of the young adolescent human experience I adopted traumatic life altering situations that would trigger emotions of the human heart. I began to ask questions of the Universe and as quickly as I asked, they were answered.  The journey of a thousand questions begun to evolve into answers through the human spiritual experience that connects all things. For the remainder of my life on Earth, my goal and plan is to share, connect, guide and inspire those who wish to listen and participate in this thing we call Life and Love. Those who are of the same expanded consciousness of higher frequencies. Those who like myself have come into fruition of a inner knowing that ...there is much more to our story than any have ever known. My name is The PatMan. I dream a new dream. I dream a new path. All this to say...I bake the best exotic low glycemic desserts on the planet. People from all walks of life and ages love to talk to me. Humans in LA believe me to be a celebrity or Dave Chappelle. So I created a podcast network to share my journey, food and talks. Please join me on this fantastic journey to infinity and beyond.