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About The Irronsmith

We're here to show you how to be better at and enjoy Hearthstone more by distilling the subtleties of the game & meta into usable, practical information.


You've probably read some of our content by now, and know how useful they are (if not, go read some now, they're free!)

Content like:
  • Meta Solutions, that break down the current meta and offer the best counter decks and
  • Deck Masteries that focus on one deck type and show you how to build it, why it's built different ways, what each works for and how to play it against every match-up. 
This is just the beginning though. We have other content types we're trying already, and heaps more on the drawing board.

Which is why we need your help.

At the moment we're putting all of our time into The Irronsmith and these guides, and loving it! We just need to bring in an income so we can keep it up!

We are totally ad-free and membership-free, and we want to keep it that way. While we'll be giving bonuses and extras to our supporters here as our core community, all of our main content will stay totally free.

So if you find our content useful or enjoyable, we'd love it if you joined us and supported us in getting this content out there, keeping the meta exciting and making Hearthstone fun!

How it works:
  1. You choose the amount you'd like to give each week to support us ongoingly
  2. We create awesome content
  3. You get extra cool bonus rewards for being awesome and supporting us (see below)
This is for ongoing support, so generally its a smaller amount that you give each week. You can cancel at any time, no guilt, life happens.

*Important point about how we'll use Patreon*
- We want our content to be community driven. Literally. We want to give our supporters a chance to vote on what content they find most useful and literally choose what types of content we make & what we don't.
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Tournament with the current tier 1 decks banned, open to all supporters! Winner vs Irronman for a shot at becoming the new king of the hill, for now.
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