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Hey, thanks! You're a Patron of the John Dulong Show, and you're helping me cover a few costs of running the show. For your trouble, you'll get access to the Patron-only RSS feed which will include some sort of weekly bonus content. Maybe a blog post, some creative writing, or a little bonus podcast created just for you! 
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Jeepers creepers, you're really helping me out! You're helping cover a bit more of the expenses related to the show, so in exchange I'll give you a credit on the show, right before the beginning of it all. Of course, you'll still have access to the Patron-only feed which might be the new hotness; we'll have to wait and see.




From the moment I started listening to Podcasts, I loved them.

I loved the way that they made me think about the world. I loved how they developed a community that I could be a part of. They connected and informed me, the entertained and delighted me, and they occasionally outraged and saddened me. I wanted a piece of that from the creative side.

Thus was born The John Dulong Show. A podcast about one man's desire to have a podcast. Every Monday, I rant and rave about whatever strikes my fancy (#AntiFig) and much to my delight and surprise, a bunch of people listened! And even weirder, they keep listening.

Here's the story of why I've decided to launch this Patreon page. I'm a poor student, and podcasting is my hobby. I want to be able to do more things with this show, which means expenses - more storage for the show, better equipment, a slick website, a golden throne from which I can sit while I complain about the mundanities of my, realistically, charmed life, and, y'know, other stuff.

If you choose to support me, I want to say an enormous thank you. If you don't want to support the show monetarily thank you all the same. The fact that people keep on listening to this thing makes the act of creating it all the more joyful!
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At $25.00 per month, I'll be able to pay for both premium-tier podcast storage (which means that I'll be able to keep episodes online for longer) and be able to subsidize web space, and the creation of a website for the show. In addition, I'll be able to begin to upgrade on equipment for a better product overall! As a thank you, every month that we reach this goal, I'll upload an additional episode of the show. This won't be a quick-hit, 5 minute bonus pod, but a full-fledged episode of the show.
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