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The Journal CEO Magazine

The Journal CEO Magazine, first edition, is here and is packed with journal writing tips and inspiration, like 5 Fun First Page Ideas, How to Get Started Journaling, Types of Journals to Keep, Our Favorite Washi Tapes, and over 50 pages of journaling fun.

We’re proud to be the ONLY PERSONAL JOURNALING MAGAZINE IN THE WORLD in active production right now that focuses on text-based personal journaling that we know of! Available for free with Kindle Unlimited, and for sale as a Kindle e-book and a print edition.

With all of the art journaling and for-publishing & novel writing magazines out there, we wanted to focus on the life-changing impact and pleasures that plain text-based personal journaling can bring.

We can’t keep the magazine in production alone, so please get involved, spread the word, and support the magazine to help it succeed.

Why a magazine?

We're the only personal journaling magazine in the WORLD in active production right now that focuses on text-based journaling that we know of, and this is our way of stressing the value of text-based journaling. Text-based journaling has added a lot of value, comfort, and creativity to our loves, and we want a place to call our own in the form of a magazine.

A magazine with regular issues coming out a few times a year will give us the opportunity to create special features, how to, showcases of reader's journal pages, writing prompts, and more. It's a way to inspire new journalers to get into journaling and help long-time journalers share new tips and techniques. It's a medium to tell our stories, a place to find inspiration, and a creative outlet. Unlike a book, it allows readers to contribute their journal pages and helps build our journal community even more, letting us to get to know each other and make meaningful connections. 

Why we're on Patreon:

We want to help the magazine continue for years to help, and we can't do it alone. We want text-based journalers to have a magazine to call their own, and we need your help to make it continue. Our Patreon page allows magazine fans to donate to help it continue.

Our goals of Patreon are to:

  • We want the magazine to continue for a long time
  • We need to make the magazine self-sustaining for it to continue, by a combination of Patreon donations and through magazine sales
  • Help continue the magazine for a second edition
  • Hire a designer to help create prettier pages
  • Purchase a DSLR camera to take professional photos of journal pages and features
  • Purchase a bulk printing of the magazine print edition to make the print edition more affordable for readers
  • A print edition bulk printing would also help us distribute the magazines to smaller local bookstores across the country, as well as send to editors, reviewers, libraries, schools, and special recipients to help get the magazine readership growing

Please note, the magazine is not available on Patreon. Patreon is a place for magazine fans to support the magazine and help it continue with donations.

The magazine is available free to read for Kindle Unlimited users on Kindle Unlimited. The magazine is for sale as a Kindle e-book and print book on Magazine sales, digital and print editions, will enable the magazine to continue.

Here's how you can help the magazine succeed and continue: 

  1. Read and #SHARE

    The magazine is available to read free for Kindle Unlimited users on Kindle Unlimited, and available for purchase for Kindle or print edition on Amazon as well. Like it? Share the magazine with a friend, or post about it on Instagram with hashtags #thejournalceomagazine and #journalingmagazine

  2. Get the Print or Kindle Edition

    Help support the magazine’s future and help it continue by buying the Kindle edition or print edition of the magazine.

  3. Support the Magazine Here on Patreon

    Give the magazine writers a cup of Joe on Patreon, and help keep the magazine going for a 2nd edition. Donations and magazine sales will allow the magazine to continue for future editions; we can't do it alone. 

  4. Submissions

    We need your help to keep the ideas coming. Share your ideas with us, [email protected]. And, vote in our reader polls.

A Glimpse Inside the Magazine:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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