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About Jude

Kia ora! Hello!

I’m Jude.
I am a Soul Coach and Land Healer, based in Wellington, New Zealand

I use my skills, knowledge, intuition and spiritual connections to help people and the land heal & transform.

In practice, that can look like a lot of different things: from mentoring conversations and tarot readings (check out my card of the week on Facebook or Instagram), to full-on spirit work with channelling and journeying.

Mostly my work doesn’t look very dramatic (someone sitting in a trance is not terribly exciting to watch), but the effects certainly can be!

You can read more about my work and about me on my website thejudesmith.com.

About me
I’m a non-binary women. My pronouns are she/her. But please don’t call me a lady! I’m really not!!
I live with my male spouse, our twin teenage sons, and the cat formerly known as the neighbours (aka Ms Tiffany Scrumptious) in the suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand.

I am a huge cat lover. If you go for a walk with me, I will stop and greet any cats we see!
My spirituality is a hugely important part of my life & my work. I regard myself as an eclectic pagan: I don’t follow a particular path like druidry or Wicca; I work intuitively with what works for me; and I’m comfortable working with spirit ‘colleagues’ from a wide-range of cultures/pantheons. My current primary devotion is to the ancient Egyptian cat goddess, Bast. But I work with many other deities and spirits, too (they just don’t get as fancy an altar…).

I get enthusiastic about nice yarn, world history, house plants, chocolate and craft beer (both dark, please).
My colourful past includes time spent as a puppeteer, belly dancer & teacher, and public servant.
My lively present includes trying to create the perfect steampunk costume for my airship captain persona, and playing clarinet in a local concert band.

The floofy & fabulous Ms Tiffany Scrumptious (toe beans and all!)

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