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About The Kilted Coaches

The Kilted Coaches, Stephen Clarke and Rab Shields, Scotlands very own fitness, health and mindset coaches, are on a quest for Youtube stardom!
Launching the channel in early 2016, the Coaches have been working hard to build their online profile and even appeared on Channel 4’s programme ‘Superfoods the real truth’ which was filmed on Perths North Inch last year.
Promoting Scotland at every opportunity, the boys in Kilts are aiming to qualify for the very prestigious ‘Silver Creator Award’ which is only given out when a Youtube channel reaches 100k subscribers.
And they are halfway there!

Stephen says:
“We started the channel as a way of spreading our philosophy to a world wide audience that fitness and good nutrition does not need to be so serious and a good balance of health and happiness is vital.”

Of course the boys believe that regular training and clean eating is important but they have witnessed too many people making themselves unwell and unhappy trying to chase their weight loss dreams. And they are here to show you that sustainable weight loss is achievable with a smile on your face whilst still enjoying a few luxuries in life.

Having Patrons will help fund the boys on their journey and they appreciate each and every dollar they receive and to say a real thank you, any and every donation will receive a monthly calendar that can be downloaded straight from the page, with a bespoke image that can't be found on any of their social media platforms.
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We shall start each morning shouting this very statement whilst in the 300's! Save our families the earache and share us to 400 patrons lol
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