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About TheKingfisher745

What is up everyone?! It's Kingfisher 745 and you are probably wondering what am I doing here on Patreon or more importantly what is Patreon to begin with? Well, simply put, Patreon is a place where you can pledge or tip a small amount of money each month which will allow me to continue creating all of the content that you currently see on my YouTube channel and hopefully much, much more! Also you will be entitled to several exclusive benefits in exchange for your generosity!

Currently my YouTube channel is going through a serious transition. It's without a doubt a difficult time for myself and the channel. We ended up building a community together, but with the closing of our primary game and focus, there has been a serious blow dealt to the community that we worked so hard to create. I truly hoped that we could hold it together and there are still many of you who have stuck with me, but it has become apparent that we need to refocus and rebuild almost from scratch. 

This will be a massive undertaking, but I am willing to work for it. I just need your help. The time demands from before may end up being even greater this time around and it will be extremely difficult. YouTube is not a very steady source of income. As always, only the top tier channels with massive amounts of views are able to rely on ads. In the past, Patreon has quite honestly kept the channel afloat. This time around, it will play an even larger role in the relaunching process that lies before us. It's a difficult time, but I don't want the channel to die without a fight. So who is with me? 
$5 of $250 per month
With this goal met, I will be able to set a normal schedule for many new and improved video series such as Marvel Heroes Mondays, World of Warcraft Wednesdays and Star Wars Saturdays! For example, How great would it be to know that every Friday you're going to see a brand new episode of Insert your favorite Series here?!
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