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Who are you?
I’m Jesse. I'm someone who personally deals with, and advocates for: 
* mental and physical health wellness and recovery
* trans, queer, and non-binary rights
* Developmental disorders
* Body Autonomy
* Sex Positivity
* Autism

What do you do?
I'm an aspiring content creator. I presently and occasionally post on my blog which can be found here. I would like to make entertaining and informative content on my YouTube channel The Knighted Nerd surrounding the topics above. I would also like to stream on Twitch. Both of these, honestly, have their own drawbacks.

Youtube: Advanced video, audio, lighting, sound equipment, editing software.
Twitch: Moderate to advanced gaming rig or gaming and streaming rigs, decent upspeed for internet, gaming console(s).

What does it mean to you to reach your goals?

I am unemployed due to my mental and physical health limitations. I have been fighting for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) since 2015. To me reaching each goal would mean higher and higher financial stability and the opportunity to get off public assistance. I don't even know if I can stress how liberating that would be!
$0 of $150 per creation
This is the very minimum I need is to be able pay rent and bills
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