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You're a pretty big fan and we love you forever and ever. You'll get everything above, in addition to "random surprises", from exclusive short videos & unreleased songs to unpublished videos, behind-the-scenes webcam action, personal emails & tour diary posts that ONLY our $10+ Patreons will receive. Beware... we're spontaneous as hell!  Just like our $5 Patreons, you'll also receive any new digital releases, including singles and full length records.



About The Last Year

Patreon is simply amazing!  Compared to certain "crowdfunding" outlets that simply raise money for a single campaign, Patreon makes it possible for us to have an on-going fan-driven music label.  We finally have a way of bringing you new music, videos, and more and it's truly YOU making it happen.  We are not on a major label and that's OK with us because we know the business of music has changed and we understand it's the FANS (YOU) behind the wheel!

As an original alternative rock band, everything we do is completely DIY. From recording & mixing our record, to our on-stage lighting show, to graphic/web design, to video production & editing... everything TLY is entirely of our own design and doing. Any money the band has made from licensing or touring has always gone back into the "band".  That being said, each and every month we have general band operating expenses that come to around 2k.  It can be tough to raise funds above just our monthly band expenses to pay for touring, merchandise, and video production costs.  We mention this because we think it's important for all our Patreons to know that any money you pledge will go DIRECTLY back into the band funds.  We, the band, will get by on our own, personally, as we always have.  We do this because we LOVE it and it's the reason we get out of bed every day.  You might even say we're obsessed with it!

We started our Living Room Sessions, exclusively on YouTube, as a way to expand our video catalog. Since the beginning of 2015, we've released several videos, which included covers by Sam Smith, Sneaker Pimps, Radiohead, Cyndi Lauper, Phantogram, Vance Joy, Fiona Apple, & The Cardigans. These were videos we filmed, recorded, and edited ourselves in our living room. With your support, we can continue creating videos frequently and even introduce other musicians and bands into the mix, much like we did with our good friends in RÊVE for our Fiona Apple cover. These videos have been so much fun to make and we want to continue, as a completely "fan-funded" experience. The sky is the limit for us and we thank you helping us take this just a little higher.

Your support in any amount you can possibly pledge makes recording and touring possible for us. We thank you for being the soul of our music!

Some questions I'm sure you have...

How does Patreon Work?
Much like other "crowdfunding" sites, Patreon is designed to help fund our creative works each month.  You select the amount you'd like to pledge each month and you'll be charged monthly.  It's a lot like a fancy "fan club".  The amount you decide to pledge will come with certain rewards that we've promised to provide you with.  From monthly Google+ hangouts to goody boxes on your doorstep.  Even at $5/month or more, you'll NEVER have to pay for any of our digital (MP3s) again.  As long as you're a $5+ Patreon of The Last Year, you'll never have to buy our music on iTunes again.  You'll get it all for free.

Is there a certain amount that has to be reached first?
Nope.  Although we've created some goals for ourselves, we will continue making videos each month, whether we reach those goals or not.  Most times, we'll release several videos and "things" per month.  Unlike Kickstarter, this is an ongoing support system for us and NOT per campaign.

Will the funds go to other things related to the band?
Honestly... YES!  If we're in a tough spot financially, it's not uncommon for us to use funds to support our touring expenses (van maintenance, insurance, gas, etc), recording expenses (tracking, mastering, etc), and new merch (someday, we want to release our music on vinyl, for example).  No matter what, we will always have something new to release or share with you exclusively.

What if I want to change or cancel my pledge?
You may cancel at any time and you'll no longer be charged your monthly pledge.  For more information, please visit:

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We'll set up an exclusive Patreon show and after party hangout.  Can't make it?  No problem - we'll broadcast the show live for you to tune in!
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