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Thanks for your support!  For your patronage I pledge to publish an "On the Trail" video every other Sunday - at a minimum - through the end of 2018. (And hopefully beyond.)
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Thanks for your support!  Get access to an exclusive video to be posted here on Patreon once ever three months, beginning April 1, 2018. 
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Thanks for your support!  Open to suggestions! Perhaps accompany me on a hike and feature you in the video?  Come along on a hike with you as your personal photographer and videographer?  Cover a specific trail?  (Obviously, logistics would have to be considered.)

Or if you just really like what I'm doing.  THANKS!




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Thanks for stopping by!  As many of you may know, youtube has killed small channels, so I am here to humbly ask for your support. I create hiking trail guide videos along with a few other outdoor related videos.  These videos are meant to be informative, showing folks what they will see on the trail and giving insight into some of the conditions that may be faced; like wading through rivers, desert stretches with no water, steep ascents, faint trails, wildlife to be seen, etc.  My videos are safe for work and safe for children too.

My goal is to grow my youtube channel - thelazyhiker - to a level that can help support me in my retirement years.  In the meantime, your patronage will help me to continue making videos by paying for fuel, entrance fees, camera gear, hiking gear, camping expenses, and the biggest expense of all - food!

Look for thelazyhiker on youtube!  My current playlists on youtube include:
Trail Guides - These videos are the main focus of my channel, thelazyhiker.  I show viewers the trailhead, trail junctions, the terrain, difficulties along the way, confusing spots, and highlight the natural beauty they may be hiking through.
Trails in Two Minutes - These are highlight videos, consisting of a mix of photos and videos, which showcase some of the most beautiful scenes along the trails featured in "On the Trail."  They are overlaid with simple music without vocals.
Scenic Drives - Videos showing portions of scenic drives meant to give viewers insight in case they would like to take the drive themselves.
Campgrounds (National Parks and National Forests).  These are simple drives through campgrounds to help viewers determine whether they would like to camp there themselves.
Backcountry Campsites - These videos are for backpackers, so they can determine which campsites might be best for them the reserve in the backcountry.
Silent Scenery - These are the only videos that are not informative, they are simply photos of fantastic scenery that is meant to be played as a background to your day.  No music, so you can listen to your own.  They are not really meant to be "watched," but more for just glancing at occasionally while you are doing other things.

Will ad an intro video soon, to better explain my goals.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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