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Thank you so much! Pledging $1 gives me hope that there is an interest for my art. 




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Hello world, 
Why am I on Patreon, you ask? Well, for one, this is a great way to motivate my procrastinating butt! And two, I truly feel that my comics (mostly my big project, Inferno Fish) deserves a chance to be finished and hopefully published. I can't do this on my own though. I need your help to not only fund my supplies that it takes to make all the art, but to also just show me that what I love doing is actually touching other people's lives. I dabble in a lot of things; comics, singing, table top games, writing, and much more and I can't share what I love with you if there is no you. So please... anything helps, and any help deserves my love and respect. 
Thank you <3 
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The idea is to at some point do speed paints for patreon and even start a YouTube channel of my very own. With that said, I know I need some equipment. We sadly had to sell our filming gear when we moved this past November (2016), so I need a camera, a mic, and a camera stand. 
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