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About The LogBook

My Name is Lucas Weakley,
I'm a Video Producer, Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Aviation Enthusiast. Everytime I go to some aviation event I don't think its possible to leave without a good story. Storytelling is enjoyed by all ages, especially in the aviation community where stories are the main way to share one's experiences when off the ground. While listening to The LogBook, you'll hear stories from people in aviation from every experience level: enthusiasts, complete beginners, airline pilots, aerobatic pilots, cross country/long distance pilots, test pilots, military veterans. And they'll all tell stories that will entertain, inspire, and educate the next generation of aviators. The LogBook Podcast Introduction

Why You Should Support: The LogBook will never be a paid program, however it isn't free to produce. With that being said, we need your help to keep the show airborne, and without it then the show can't be produced. Any amount is helpful, even just $1.

What's In It For You: Supporting The LogBook at any level (even $1) will grant you access to our Private Patreon Feed where you will be notified when episodes are released, website articles are published, and any cool aviation links I find on the internet. If you donate more per episode you will be granted more access, like seeing the titles of the next episodes, listening to a preview for upcoming episodes, access to uncut interviews, and even being able to listen to episodes a week before they are released on iTunes. I want to make the rewards worth your while so send me some suggestions, and in the future we can also arrange live Q&A's with some of the interviewed pilots for higher tier patrons. 

If you really love the show or would like to promote your product or business on it, there are higher level tiers that allow you to reserve spots in the show for your own advertisement, which will be heard by all our aviation and story loving listeners.

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