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About The Lone Chemist

My name is Johnny.  I am a Ph. D. student in chemistry, I’m a Taurus, I like long walks on the beach, and, aside from science, I have a passion for film.  Talking about film, analyzing movies, and creating entertaining pieces of media regarding cinema are some of my most cherished hobbies.  Recently I've started a YouTube channel called the Lone Chemist in which I provide commentary on films in the form of film analysis, video essays and a podcast with a variety of different guests.  While I love doing what I do, creating content that is parallel with my work in the lab is hard, especially when the editing costs and monetary investment in equipment is high.  So, if you like the content you are seeing, please consider a small donation to help fund the channel and help me to provide you with the best content I possibly can.  I want to grow this channel into something that is not just a revenue generator; I want to entertain, inform, and satisfy everyone that stumbles across one of my videos.  I honestly do not want an exuberant amount of money from this channel. All I want is to provide content that people like, and any contribution helps!

Johnny, the Lone Chemist ~*~*~