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About Lho

Note! This Patreon is currently on hiatus! There will be no 'paid' posts published in the forseeable future, and I will notify anyone if/when I return to a monthly perks system. Thank you so much for having helped me out already, you're all lovely people!

The Lost Oracle
is an all-ages epic fantasy comic set in a world where gods are cruel and volatile. For generations, humans have been submitting to the reign of the gods. But somewhere, hidden in an abandoned city, the lost Oracle awaits. And she will change everything. 

Also her dad is a tree. Yeah you heard me. There's a lot of questions to be answered in this comic.

The comic is available on www.thelostoracle.com as well as Tapastic.
My name is Lho Brockhoff and I am a female Danish illustrator, comic artist and newly accepted student at the Character Animation programme at The Animation Workshop in Denmark. 

I have been working on The Lost Oracle for close to 4 years now, and the comic has been updating for a year already! There's so much more to come, though.

By supporting this Patreon you'll help me pay for hosting as well as support my creation of this comic. There's also a couple of perks available to monthly supporters! This includes access to concept art, sketches, special edition PDF's, wallpapers and even some commissions. And of course a great big thank you from your friendly neighbourhood creator.

So in conclusion:
$20 of $50 per creation

I draw and provide high resolution sexy (but tasteful) pinups of the (of age) cast of the comic!

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