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Two Towards Transportation
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Running a sanctuary means burning through a lot of fuel! Between going to pick up feed from UFA Farm Supply, stocking up on hay & straw, bringing animals to the vet/ going to the vet to pick up supplies, and Freedom Rides, the amount of money spent on gas really starts to add up. $2 per month will definitely help out with this. 

For your $2 monthly donation, you will receive a personalized "Thank You."
Bale of Straw
per month
$7 is the average cost of a bale of straw. Your donation will go directly towards giving the Lucky Ones somewhere nice and cozy to sleep. The cows, goats & sheep sleep separately from the pigs and the chickens sleep separately from everyone. We go through approximately 20 bales of straw monthly between the three pens depending on the weather.

When you donate $7-$14 per month to The Lucky Ones you receive a personalized ‘Thank You’ from all of us plus you will have access to an exclusive photo not found on any of our other social media platforms.
Chicken Sponsorship
per month
All of our current chickies are retired laying hens. Your $10 per month will help cover the cost of the ladies' "layer's ration" feed that is formulated specifically for laying hens as egg production is hard on their bodies. The $10 will also help cover the costs of the drying/deodorizing powder used to help keep their coop dry and not-so-chicken poop-stinky. As well as the straw and/or wood shavings we will use for their nesting boxes!

If you'd like, we have 12 lovely ladies that you can choose to individually sponsor - 
Loretta & 
Margaret (or Margie for short)

When you donate $10 per month you will receive a personalized "Thank You" and access to exclusive photos of the Lucky Ones.

Anyone that has signed up for a chicken sponsorship will also be able to submit name suggestions if and when more feathered friends join our family! 




per month


The Lucky Ones Farm Sanctuary is a long time dream of mine that my husband and I have started making a reality.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved animals and always wanted to live on a farm. That dream never went away. A few years ago, the content of another farm animal sanctuary made me go vegan cold (tofu)rkey and I was struck with two things - one, how disconnected I was for wanting to save animals yet eating them and two, an unbelievable amount of determination.

In the last couple of months it seems our little acreage in the country has turned into a sanctuary right before our eyes - unintentionally.

What started out as taking in four piglets that had been liberated from a factory farm temporarily (a couple of weeks has happily turned into forever), has now blossomed into a small crew of Lucky Ones - one calf who was born without eyes meant to be veal, one older lame goat that was ran through an auction ring and meant for slaughter, a baby goat that had a leg injury with a poor prognosis meant for euthanasia- but he has just had his leg amputated and is doing great! -and three pigs (unfortunately, one had to be put to rest due to genetic issues caused by commercial breeding). 

When fantasizing about and obsessing over farm sanctuaries I never really had a ‘direction’ in regards to which animals I’d like to focus on when it came down to who we’d be rescuing but Fate seems to have steered us in the direction of taking in ‘special needs’ and ‘death row’ animals. 

We are working towards setting up our acreage with shelters and fencing so that we are able to bring more Lucky Ones in. We won’t be able to do this without the support of our friends, family, followers and supporters so please consider becoming a patron of ours. 

Peace & love to you all and I can’t wait to see where this path takes us.

- Tyce & Kennadi 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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