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This is just for those who want to say "hey I like your work". It's very appreciated :D
Behind the Scenes
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Want to see behind the curtain? With this tier, I'll be posting WIPs of miniatures for this tier to see. Watch them go from "oh god what have I done" to "hey this looks dope"!
You get a mini! You get a mini!
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Big money, big reward. You get a painted up mini (from the range I can get my hands on). I buy the mini, paint it up (with input from you), and send it from Australia.

Mini will only be started once the money actually comes through, to stop people pledging and then immediately cancelling. Don't dog the boys like that. If you don't want to pledge using this tier, or want your mini in a particular time frame, message me privately and we can discuss prices.




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Hi! I'm Dani (not-so-tall-gay-danny on tumblr, the_magicians_paintbrush on instagram) and I'm a dungeon master and miniature painter. I'm opening up commissions for painted miniatures, and I'll also be posting WIPs and completed versions of the miniatures I'm painting.
If you could throw some crumbs my way, that'd be awesome and I'd love you forever <3
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