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About The Mammals

Your beautiful generosity helps us write, record, and release new music in an evolving industry that has shifted to a "stream it for free" model. You are helping us pay our studio collaborators, make videos, and promote our tours and albums. It's amazing!

Our brand new album, Sunshiner, was Patreon-funded and self-produced at our home studio. Thank you, Patrons! We hope you feel as proud as we do.

Current Patrons are able to download Sunshiner and the 5 additionally released singles which didn't make the album. 

We also just recorded 19 new songs which you'll be the first to hear!

Sometimes we do live-streams from our kitchen where we sing new songs to each other and take requests from Patrons. These are pretty silly. 

With thanks + gratitude we invite you to come be a part of our ongoing journey. 

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To the Music,

Mike + Ruthy
The Mammals

"It’s when Merenda and Ungar are singing together, through a whole song in harmony, that the heart of this project is worn on its sleeve. Indeed, the Mammals are all heart, and Sunshiner seems to be packed with ideas about how love will yet win over darkness and fear. If there’s a moral to this story, it’s nowhere better stated than in the final line of the final song on the disc.
Singing in unison, with instrumentation so relaxed it’s like the world’s gentlest wake-up call, the line comes out of the fog: 'May we never say goodbye to all our big ideas.'" - Kim Ruehl, Folk Alley

"The Mammals don’t suffer from multiple genre syndrome, they celebrate it as if gleefully aware that the sound barriers separating old-timey music, vintage pop and contemporary folk are as permeable as cotton.” - Washington Post

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