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About The Manchester Mirror

The Manchester Mirror would like your support.

The Mirror is committed to keeping Manchester informed. Your support inspires us, and keeps us going.

We've been free on the web since 2013, and free as a weekly paper since 2016. We're longtime Manchester residents who want to see our community stay connected and thrive, and believe that Manchester deserves its own newspaper, dedicated to giving the citizens of Manchester the facts they need to keep this community strong. We want everyone in Manchester to know what is happening, to be engaged, and to be part of making Manchester the amazing and special place that it is, always has been, and hopefully always will be.

Up until now, the only income the paper has subsisted on is advertising. Our subscription service runs to break even, and we do not sell the paper. But we know that there are many in the community who would like to support the paper, and there are many people every where in the world who believe in good local journalism. By committing to a small monthly donation (as little as 1 Dollar!), you can keep this paper going, and help the paper expand coverage. There are so many stories to gather and to share, and every monthly dollar that comes in will go into sustaining and expanding coverage.

Read the paper. Share it with your friends. Talk about it. Contribute to it.

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We print 700 physical copies of the paper every week. We deliver them around the community free of charge every Wednesday, because we know that the internet doesn't go every where, but the news is needed everywhere, and by everyone. If we can get one patron for every copy of the paper we print, we can ensure that the paper Manchester Mirror will thrive.
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