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Florida is contending with unprecedented environmental challenges, from climbing temperatures, growing populations, rising sea levels, worsening storms and the spread of emergent diseases. Our state’s natural systems are in a precarious balance.

Now more than ever, Florida deserves a publication that contextualizes and casts a critical eye on the environmental issues characterizing our state.

That's where we come in. Every month, The Marjorie digs deep into a new theme related to the Floridian environment. We’re part-blog, part-news magazine, part-commentary, part-community—but most importantly, we’re an online resource that fills the niche for in-depth, thoughtful and sustained reporting on the state’s environment, from the inside out.

For now, The Marjorie is a labor of love and an extracurricular project for three Floridan journalists. Our ultimate goal is to fuel a robust investigative network of reporters, artists, scholars, scientists and thinkers in order to curate the best and most timely perspectives on Florida’s environment.

But we can’t do it without you! If this is the first you’ve heard of The Marjorie, we invite you to check out our work to learn what we’re about. If you like what we do, we hope you’ll consider supporting the project! Every dollar helps.

The story of Florida’s environment is sometimes tragic, sometimes triumphant. Wherever we go from here, The Marjorie will be there, too, documenting the progress and missteps, and offering insight.

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