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Hello Patreons, I go by the description: Themat-OOG, a 26 year old Artist, Writer, up and coming Book Author, and many more  things to come. I always try out new things to express myself with.
My artistic side is not limited to any style or medium to work with. I love trying out new ways of creating Art. On this site I love sharing my artist journey with you, to make you part of my life and me becoming part of your life.
As a Writer and Artist I like to make people think for themselves.

What does Themat-OOG stand for?

Themat an incarnation of Evil. The ‘Evil’ we try to hide from ourselves. The ‘Darkness’ we fear to face. The ‘darkness’ we see in others, but in actuality see in ourselves.

Oog is a dutch word for eye. The internal will to continuously face whatever ‘darkness’ we haven’t faced or integrated in ourselves and ‘others’ yet.

I have this INNER FIRE, which expresses its Creativity with me every day, so many projects, that are waiting to be begun with, full books and so on. I know that when I am dead, that fire is still burning and there are still projects I could be making. I think I will become 500 years old, then that problem is solved, OR YOU, yes YOU bring more fuel for this Inner Fire. From morning to evening.
My Art and writings I will always share for free, here you can support me in doing that for everybody and along the way to improve every aspect about them.
Who knows where we can take it together.
My Art and later on my book(s) I sell to anyone interested in buying.

Be ye, whoever you are, alive that is, WELCOME.
In Love.

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It helps a lot at being able to sustain my rent and food costs.
To dedicate myself fully to this inner creative unquenchable fire.

Anything more, would go to being able to print books, if and when needed buy art supplies (at the moment I am all covered, since I already prepared for becoming an artist when I had a little more money).

I intend to be open, and share with those that support me by making you a part of what I create.
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