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About Matt Dimitri

This page was set-up to improve the overall quality and effectiveness of The Matt Dimitri Show: A political talk show hosted by Matt Dimitri, a new provocative voice making itself known, to educate the masses on politics, entertainment news, crime, police corruption, corporate democrats being just as bad as the right-wing spectrum, marijuana legalization, cyber-bullying, and his satire-driven Alex Jones impressions only accentuate an off-the-cusp humor and well-oiled fervor for documenting and the largest alt-right, troll platform:

I, and others, would be immensely pleased if you'd take the time to support the show by donating as little as one dollar so we can slowly amass the much-needed technological improvements this YouTube program needs to thrive!

Also, bear in mind, recording the police is a dangerous job, and cop accountability activists often have to pay for unprecedented legal fees due to a corrupt bails bond system, and malfeasance at work in the police force itself. In order to make this a little easier-- any dollar you can contribute really helps in the face of police harassment.
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This is a link to a microphone I believe would impact the show positively and help get our progressive message across!
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