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  • Pop in on Monday Meetup (our live video group chat together) or take advantage of Monday Mugshots (pre-made reference sheets that I've collected and put together over the years of misc. people, characters, etc.)
  • Enjoy Tuesday Tips (photo or video with helpful sculpting tips and tricks)
  • Check out Wednesday Workbench (see misc. projects I've got in the works, including some top secret ones)
  • Join the Thursday Throwdown! (I give you a topic and you've got the weekend to sculpt your version of it. Winner is chosen by public vote on Monday)
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming kits, before I make them public
  • Access to exclusive video tutorials, and live video feeds, so you can watch, or sculpt along with me as I'm working on a project
  • Exclusive kits that I'll ONLY be making available to Patrons.
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  • ALL of the benefits in the $2 "Doom is pleased" tier, and....
  • 10% discount on all future orders (does not include auctions or one-of-a-kind pieces)
  • Monthly sculpting tutorial .pdf that you can print out, and collect in a binder for quick reference, any time you need it.  

    Each .pdf will cover a specific topic such as materials, tools, techniques, shortcuts, etc. I'll release one new page every month. Collect them all!
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  • ALL of the benefits in the $5 "Killin' it, Conan-style!" tier, and...
  • Join in on Friday Freebie!
  • FREE "Thank You For Being A $10 Patron!" mystery mini kits! (shipping cost not included) A new kit added every month, and $10 patrons can choose one FREE kit each month.
  • Access to the online forum which includes a ton of great threads, exercises and instructional videos, for both sculpting (led by yours truly), and drawing (led by my bud, and fellow Patron, Gannon Beck). (pm me for password)



About The McDevitt Studio

My name is Troy McDevitt, and I've been a full-time sculptor for over 15 years. My specialty is comic characters, monsters and Sci-Fi, but I like anything that seems kinda cool. I love to sculpt, but I also really enjoy helping new or inexperienced sculptors learn to sculpt or improve their current skill level.

If you sign up for my Patreon page, you'll get access to exclusive kits, FREE mini kits, sneak peeks of top secret projects (including brand new kits), tons of printable and video tutorials, discounts, live video meet-ups, and LOTS more! I continually add to my campaign to make it very worthwhile to my patrons (I post something every day), and it will only cost you $2, $5 or $10/month. That's it! So cheap!!

So if you want to learn to sculpt, need some assistance, want some cool swag, or just wanna keep up-to-date on my newest project, sign up now and become a patron! Thanks!

(Just a small fraction the sculpts I've done in the past)

(Xmas ornaments 2012 - 2018)

(The Conspiracy - original characters)

(advertisement for 2018 class I taught)

(Line of mini busts I sell)

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