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About Melody Chance

 When I first started making music I had a cheap microphone, a keyboard, and a laptop. Since then, I've been able to slowly develop my home studio with instruments and better equipment, and I've also fortunately been able to attend Humber College's music program to better my own abilities. I released my first EP, Lost, in June of 2017, and continue to write and record new music all the time. Unfortunately, creating and putting out music while always striving for better quality is costly.

 I'd like to thank you for continuing to support me and allowing me to continue doing what I love. Thanks to your support through the years, I have been able to self release two solo EPs and multiple singles, often recorded and released entirely by myself. My hope is that this platform will allow me to connect with you and keep you in the loop so that you know exactly what you're supporting and so that I can share the journey of creating music (you know, all the fun stuff that happens between writing and releasing that no one else gets to see) with you.

IMPORTANT: To help you navigate through old posts, I use a pretty straightforward organization system: Each post with an audio download is tagged "music," each post with a video or video link is tagged "video," each music chart is tagged "chart" and each instrumental audio post (whether an instrumental song or an instrumental version of a lyrical song) will be tagged "instrumental." Each post will also include the year of the content's creation as a tag (not the year of the post itself). Thanks again!

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