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Who am I?
Hello, I'm TheMexicanRunner (aka TMR). I am a gamer and musician. I am most known for being the first person to beat every licensed NES game in my NESMania project and my speedruns of well-known difficult games like Battletoads, Cuphead, and Contra.

Why the Patreon?

With your direct support, you can help me continue releasing Youtube videos of what I love to do the best, which is gaming, music, speedrunning and sometimes crazy projects like NESMania.

What does my money actually pay for?
I have a Youtube editor, so you are helping me cover his costs which allows me to have more high-quality videos released and more often. There are also many expenses involved with creating my content each day, like the computer hardware, gaming hardware, and even the games themselves.

When does your content come out?
I have been publishing daily videos of NESMania, and I will try to make a music video every two weeks. About my blind playthroughs I have an editor who will publish 2-3 highlights videos per week as I complete the games (some games take quite a while to beat!). When it comes to speedrunning, it is hard to tell since it can take long time before getting a run.

How can I support you?
First of all, THANK YOU. Your support means a lot to me, and I’m incredibly grateful. You can help by contributing to the Patreon - even as little as a dollar a month can help me continue creating content that you enjoy and I love making. And you’ll get rewards.

What else?
Thank you. Thank you so much for helping me make this a reality.

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