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The Missing Monkey Geek Quiz Podcast is the biggest and best podcast devoted entirely to testing our players on the broadest range of Comics, TV, Film, Books, Board Games, Video Games, Card Games, RPGs, Cartoons and everything that is out there in the world of Geek Culture.

Every two weeks we bring you the best we can in the world of the Geek.
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Every little helps. We at the Missing Monkey salute you!
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Extra special thanks from the Missing Monkey, if you've got a twitter account, you'll be getting a follow from The Missing Monkey and until the numbers get too high we will give you a shout out on an episode. Thank you again.
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We love you, we really do, from all of us at the The Missing Monkey, we'll follow you on Twitter, give you a shoutout as part of the episode and you'll always have a piece of our heart forever. Thank you. We will also be able to send you the digital patron pack once we have built it, with wallpapers and ringtones and whatever else we think of as the time goes by.
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We'd like to take The Missing Monkey north of the border, but sadly without the funding we're not going anywhere just yet. Help us travel into the wild and wooly wildlands and maybe go haggis hunting! We can do it!
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